Firexo - marknadens mest mångsidiga brandsläckare - klarar alla brandklasser

Everyone knows what a fire extinguisher is.

Everyone knows there are different types – Powder, Foam etc.

Most people know that depending on the type of fire…you have to use a certain type.

Most people know using the wrong one can have disastrous consequences.

Hardly anyone knows which one to use


Firexo have developed a globally game changing fire liquid to extinguish fires. With little or no chance of re-ignition, it cools the fire to hand touch within seconds. It is water based, non-toxic, biodegradable, and it can extinguish ALL FIRES with a single liquid, removing the confusion of whether to use CO2, water, foam, powder etc.

It also terminates the fire in a fraction of the time of most other extinguishing methods which means less mess and damage.

Due to our non-toxic, all-natural ingredients and the unique blending process we have developed, we have a liquid which is designed to tackle 2 of the 3 elements of the fire triangle (Oxygen & Heat).

Because of the unique nature of the product there is no competition or anything that is comparable, or even comes close to Firexo globally, which gives a huge competitive advantage over the rest of the market.